Type Time of Day Taste Caffeine L-Theanine Polyphenols Ingredients
Sencha Premium Green Afternoon Fresh, clean, grassy Medium Medium Medium Green tea
Gyokuro Green Afternoon Umami Medium Medium Medium Shaded green tea
Kukicha Green Afternoon Nutty, creamy sweet Low Low Low Stems, twigs
Genmaicha Green Afternoon Nutty, grassy, roasted rice Medium Medium Medium Sencha & Roasted brown rice
Jasmine Green Afternoon Fragrant, floral, robust Medium Low High Jasmine flower & Chinese green tea
Moroccan Green Morning/ Afternoon/ , Evening Smooth, sweet, minty Medium Medium Medium Mint & Chinese green tea
Matcha Green Afternoon Grassy, silky High High High Japanese green tea
White Tea White Afternoon Smooth, light, fresh Medium Medium Medium Silver needle white tea
White Tea w/ rose White Afternoon Smooth, light, fresh, rosy Medium Medium Medium Silver needle white tea w/ rose
White Peony White Afternoon Smooth, woody, subtle Medium Medium Medium White peony
Jasmine Blooming White Afternoon Mild, floral Medium Medium Medium Jasmine flower with Silver needle white tea
Milky Oolong Oolong Morning, Afternoon Milky notes, lingering fragrance of flowers Medium Low Medium Oolong Tea
Assam Tea Black Morning Bold, earthy, woody Medium Low Medium Assam Black Tea
Vanilla Black Tea Black Morning Vanilla, earthy Medium Low Medium Vanilla and Assam Black Tea
Masala Chai Black Morning Spicy, bold, Medium Low Medium Assam Tea, Ginger, Cinnamon, and cardamon cloves
Keemun Red Tea Black Morning  aromatic fragrance, red  liquor color Medium Low Medium Keemun Red Tea
Earl Grey Black Morning Smooth, classic citrus Medium Low Medium Assam Tea, Bergamot oil, blue corn flower and white tips
Chamomile Herbal Evening Floral, sweet None None None Chamomile flower
Hibiscus Herbal Evening Tart, sour, sweet None None None Hibiscus flower
Cranberry Cider Herbal Evening Sour, sweet, fruity None None None Cranberry, Hibiscus, cinnamon and ginger