Milky Oolong

AED 145AED 0

Origin: Singapore

AED 145 Incl. Tax

Milky Oolong is cultivated at high altitudes alongside the Zhulu tea, these tea leaves develop to larger sizes, absorbing maximum amount of nutrients before  being handpicked and partially fermented. Under the masterful touch of  our tea artisans, this medium roasted tea provides  delightful milk notes along with lingering fragrance of flowers.

  • 85ÂșC water temperature 
  • 3-5 minutes steeping time 
  • 3 grams of tea 
  • 250ml of water.

Milky Oolong contains polyphenols that help destroy free radicals and boost overall  health. Relieves mental and physical stress. Frequent consumption of Milk Oolong tea lowers body fat and reduces the risk of obesity, contributes to weight loss by decreasing fat. Makes your skin cleaner  and helps with some skin conditions such as eczema. Prevents tooth decay while making your teeth stronger. Contains minerals such as calcium, potassium, manganese, and magnesium that help with bodily health  functions. Boosts mental alertness and can help improve thinking skills.

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