Organic Tea Licious

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Origin: China

AED 67.50 Incl. Tax

Its fragrance is both natural and unique. When you drink it, the fragrance in your mouth will penetrate to your nose. The pleasant aroma, at the same time with a cold aroma of juvenile high charm.

Finest quality whole leaf Green Grape Oolong Tea. Smooth and refreshing, the light oxidation provides a delightful pale cup which is enhanced by the delicate aroma and pleasing taste. The leaves can be infused several times so the enjoyment is even more and the cost per cup less!

  • 70°C to 80 °C water temperature 
  • 3grams of tea 
  • 250ml of water 
  • 3- 5 minutes steeping time
  1. Healthy Skin 
  2. Disease Prevention 
  3. Anti-Cancer 
  4. Prevent Heart Disease 
  5. Anti Diabetes
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