Organic Keemun Red Tea


Origin: China

AED 66 Incl. Tax

Keemun Red Tea is in the top 10 most famous tea in China. It is also known as Keemun Gongfu or Qimen Gongfu. It is known for their aromatic fragrance, red liquor color and it is top quality black tea. It is considered as a delicacy and classified as a hero tea. Known to have the aroma of China Spring rain. Produced in Qimen Country, in the Anhui Province of China and it was produced in 1875.

  • 90ºC water temperature
  • 3-5 minutes steeping time
  • 2-3 grams of tea
  • 250ml of water.

  1. It is an energizing tea
  2. Enhances memory and helps to eliminate fatigue
  3. Very low in antioxidant. 

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