Organic Royal Darjeeling


Origin: India

AED 73 Incl. Tax

Darjeeling is a very special place that produces a very special tea in India. The Organic Royal Darjeeling grade TGFOP (TOP GOLDEN FLOWERY ORANGE PEKO)  is made from the SECOND FLUSH (late May to June) of the Camellia Sinensis Tea Plant. 


These tea leaves are picked from late May to June and produce an amazing, well rounded, mature and fruity flavor of tea that is said to be less astringent and even better than the first flush. The leaves steep up a liquid that is bright with a taste that is full, round, and has an excellent muscatel character – perfect for your afternoon tea time with scones and raspberry conserve. 

  • 95ºC water temperature 
  • 3 minutes steeping time 
  • 3 grams of tea 
  • 250ml of water. 

Provides Essential Antioxidants. Darjeeling tea is abundant in antioxidants such as thearubigins and theaflavins. It also reduces the Risk of Cancer and Parkinson’s disease. Boots Cardiovascular Health and ensures Adequate Hydration. 

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