Organic Ivan Chai Tea


Origin: Russia

AED 33 Incl. Tax

Ivan Chai is apparently a name coined by foreigners, Ivan being a typical Russian name and Chai sharing etymological roots with our English word, Tea.

Ivan Chai is made from the herb of the same name and has a very pleasant taste, somehow reminiscent of tea. This magical infusion is caffeine-free and it contains a huge number of vitamins. Besides, Ivan Chai helps your digestive and nervous systems function well.

  • 70°C to 80 °C water temperature
  • 3 grams of tea.
  • 250ml of water.
  • 3-5 minutes steeping time.
  • Caffeine free and non-addicting
  • Balances digestive health
  • Improves concentration
  • Very high levels of iron
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