Organic Genmaicha Green Tea.


Origin: Japan

AED 66 Incl. Tax

Organic Genmaicha is made from high quality Organic Sencha and Organic toasted brown rice. It is a fantastic, skillfully concocted pairing.They are carefully deep steamed to obtain the much loved lighter flavor. Then, these leaves are blended with toasted brown rice (genmai). Balance in blend is concentrated on. This blend produces a nutty and slightly grassy taste.

  • 80ºC water temperature
  • 2 minutes steeping time
  • 2 grams of tea
  • 250ml of water.
  1. Aids in Weight Loss,
  2. Balances Blood Sugar 
  3. Decreases Bad Cholesterol
  4. Increases Good Cholesterol & Lowers Risk of Heart Disease
  5. Regulates Thyroid
  6. Removes Toxins, and improves Dental Health.
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