Organic Anna Creativi-Tea

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Origin: India

AED 37.50 Incl. Tax

The Lavender rose green tea, light on the palate with a floral backdrop. It is known for its therapeutic and rejuvenating properties that can detoxify mind and body by relieving stress and anxiety.

In addition to the essential Green Tea and its numerous health benefits, the earthiness and airiness of Lavender and Rose respectively make this tea the perfect one to wake up to.

  • 95°C water temperature 
  • 3 grams of tea 
  • 250 ml of water 
  • 3- 5 minutes steeping time
  1. Treat Skin Rashes 
  2. Infections 
  3. Eczema 
  4. Improves Digestion 
  5. Provides relief against acidity
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