Organic Deja-Brew Tea

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Origin: China

AED 37.50 Incl. Tax

The light sweetness of white peaches reveals the refreshing taste of jasmine and green tea essences. The unique flavor, crisp and fresh taste, and fragrance aroma have delighted many beauties.

With the addition of iced sugar or honey, the tea is naturally smooth, refreshing, laxative and slimming, and can relax the mind and restore peace of mind, make people feel the body and mind in a warm, refreshing, and sweet fragrance.

  • 70°C to 80 °C water temperature 
  • 3 grams of tea 
  • 250ml of water 
  • 3- 5 minutes steeping time
  1. Antioxidant 
  2. Reduce cholesterol Level 
  3. Eliminates Stress 
  4. Keeps you Hydrated 
  5. Increase of Attention 
  6. Good for the skin
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